William Olsen

William Olsen's passion for designing furniture follows a whole life of constructing beautiful and precise pieces. He attended the Australian School of Fine Furniture after his design degree from the University of Tasmania.

Custom design, William believes, is an important tradition to uphold. A handmade piece of furniture is an art which is both useful and pleasing to look at, lasting for many generations.

A typical consultation involves an exchange of ideas and integration between the client's needs and William's personal style: incorporating graceful contours and the atypical symmetry of Japanese design.

Though he has experience with many species of wood, Will tends to use all native species. His three top picks are cherry, maple, and walnut. Cherry comes in a variety of colors, has many different figure patterns, and also very malleable. Maple is a hard wood, with simple color and clean lines, which works well with modern and contemporary furniture. Walnut has a dark and classic look, suitable for traditional furniture.

"Hope" (The cabinet on a stand) was one of Will's favorite pieces furniture to work on, "I just love the way the two pieces can merge together," he shares. He also enjoys making dining room and coffee tables, which are also the most popular custom design items.